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Looking to sell your business ?

Following a first contact interview with zero obligation on your part, we will define a strategy for the sale of your business together. Our team and communication methods are focused on developing a strategy based on the searches of potential buyers both in Switzerland and abroad. Insert an advert on our platform and directly reach potential business buyers in Switzerland and abroad.Contact us for more information!

Our guarantees

We guarantee absolute discretion! For starters, your personal data and business name will not appear anywhere on our platform. All requests for information from potential buyers are analysed and validated by our team. Only serious potential buyers will be put into contact with the seller. In all cases and before any information is divulged, a confidentiality agreement will be signed.

Sales mandate

For the sake of confidentiality and efficiency, we will personally handle the sale of your business. In exchange for your trust, we won't invoice you for any sales fees or representation costs during the selling process. We invoice our brokerage services only in the event of sale. If necessary, other services can be offered (business evaluation, due diligence, contract establishment, etc.).

Publicity and buyer network

We can assure an online presence supported by our search engines thanks to optimal key word referencing and regular updating. We also invest in publicity so that potential clients can find you quickly. A monthly newsletter is sent to all of our buyers who have signed up for it. In addition, we maintain close first-class relationships with potential investors.