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Take advantage of a real business opportunity!

Become part of the franchise?

Starting 1 January 2018, our franchise network will be launched on a national level. Beginning with the Swiss Romande, we will extend our reach. Now is the time to reserve your exclusive position on the cantonal market! Our goal is to become one of the major players on the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) market for small and medium-sized business.

Subscriptions to cantonal franchises:

  • Zurich: available
  • Basel: available
  • Bern: available
  • Lucerne: available
  • Geneva: available
  • Vaud: reserved
  • Valais: available
  • Fribourg: reserved
  • Neuchatel: reserved
  • Jura: available

Take advantage of a high-potential market!

Statistically, over 30% of Swiss companies will be for sale in the next 10 years. This situation will create business opportunities for all sectors linked to M&A. Our primary target group is small and medium-sized businesses and companies with 500,000 CHF to 10,000,000 CHF in revenue.

We are interested in you!

  • You are head of a company, investor or company fiduciary
  • You have an educational background in economics, accounting or business
  • You have experience in management and business administration
  • You have a large professional network
  • You have a passion for your local economy and the development of your region

We offer our franchise partners the following:

  • An exclusive position within the cantonal region
  • The opportunity to work in a rapidly developing field
  • An efficient online platform that is well referenced with the latest search engine optimization technology
  • First-class presence and publicity

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