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«You don't get a second chance to make a good first impression!» - Coco Chanel

Selling a business is a process that requires a lot of preparation. Buyers are looking for businesses whose history shows a high potential for development. We offer a wide-range of services to help our clients prepare their business for a successful sale.

The 4 key steps in business transfers

1. Diagnostic

A diagnostic is necessary to understand how the business runs. This audit allows us to objectively and concretely determine the business's state, as well as its strengths and weaknesses. Then we can come up with a specific plan to make it more sellable.

  • Analysis of the business and its current team
  • Fiscality and taxes: tax planning in the event of future sale
  • Evaluation of strengths and weaknesses including possible solutions
  • Study of key documents and contracts

2. Evaluation

After considering the results of the business diagnostic and applying any corrective measures, it is time to estimate its best sale price. We use several methods that allow us to determine its full value.

  • Method of future current cash flows (future value)
  • Method of multiple profitability (market value)
  • Method of practitioners (administrative value)
  • Method of multiple transaction (minimal value)

3. Financial Outlook

The potential buyer will want to analyze the current margins based on past data, but he or she will also want to know using financial performance indicators, how the business is likely to evolve in the coming years. All financial states are determined from N-3 to N+3 and allow us to simulate future financial outcomes according to the determined objectives.

  • Outlook according to direct costing method
  • Outlook according to margin management
  • Treasury plan and financial flow
  • Margin management according to products and clients

4. Sale

The next step is to create a complete sales summary file. Its contents will give the reader a clear and focused picture of the business profile and its market assets. All potential buyers will be treated with maximum confidentiality.

  • Creating a sales file with necessary annexes
  • Negotiation with potential buyers
  • Establishing a letter of intention and Due Diligence
  • Signing of contracts and guarantees
  • Execution of sale and payment

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